Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ah powerpoint! I have been working on my very first powerpoint presentation- yes, I have actually never used powerpoint before. I was working on setting up our photo slideshow for the anniversary celebration. It is going to play while our song is being performed. It took me a little while to figure out how to add captions to the photos, but I somehow managed to press the right buttons and was able to add my photos and include captions. I'm actually really happy with the way it looks- its a pretty simple presentation, photos on white background with black text, but it looks neat and clean and the photos are great. I don't think it needs to be elaborate. It was really fun going through all the photos and choosing which ones to include. It's easy to forget what we have done these past 5 years, but looking at the photos, I can't help but see how far we've come. It is really funny to look at the early photos when we didn't have our own boxes, I was using the Poland Spring boxes and would tape a sign with our logo on it onto the sides of the boxes- it looked dreadful. But then again, I didn't know how dreadful it looked until after we got our boxes.

Anyways, I chose 51 photos for the slideshow, they are in chronological (almost) order, with each photo showing for 3 seconds. I'm so glad I figured it out on my own, I was working on it for about 2 1/2 hours tonight. Now the next big thing is getting hold of an LCD projector and figuring out how to hook that up to my laptop and project the slideshow onto a screen. If only I had a techie who could do this stuff for more- it would make things a lot easier.

I also want to do another photo montage to play at the anniv. event showing all the calendar photos from the 2009 calendar. Those ones don't need captions, so it should probably be faster to load them in. Lisa (graphic designer) still has the disks with the photos on them, so I have to wait until she sends them back before I can do that. We have hundreds of photos to sort through, so it will probably take a bit of time, but I think that would be a cool thing to play at the event.

What else was I working on today? I went up to Gypsy Bar to do a map for the date auction. It is so important to do a site visit and not rely on the layout from memory. I did some rough maps, tomorrow I will do a finished map which which show were all the tables are going to be positioned. I think I've made good choices. I do need to get some battery operated table lamps for the silent auction table. The lighting is pretty dim inside Gypsy and I want to make sure that our items are clearly visible. We have such awesome auction items- it is a small auction, nowhere near the scale of the anniversary event, but we definitely have cool stuff- including Air Tran tix worth $1000 and a Boston annual gym membership also worth $1000 and sports items as well.

I was also working on a lot of date auction prep work earlier- bid sheets, etc. I really wish I had someone to help me, because this would be perfect work to delegate. But I don't, so since I can't clone myself and can't afford to hire anyone, complaining isn't going to help.

Well, I'm off to bed. I had an exhausting night last night (can't explain)- I was so tired this afternoon, I took a short nap around 5:30 and woke up when the phone rang, wondering why someone was calling so early- I thought it was morning, yikes! I don't want to go to bed too late, it's 12:25 now, so I'm going to shut off my office comp, write my list for tomorrow and bed. Until tomorrow friends..

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Michael said...

Hello Catherine,

I wish I had known that you needed an LCD projector. My company would be more than happy to let me use it for your event. Maybe next time.

Also, please contact me if you need any technical or software advice for any future events. I would be more than happy to help!