Thursday, September 18, 2008


Success!!! Tonight was everything I dreamed it would be. For these last nine months, when I closed my eyes and imagined what our date auction would be like- tonight was what I saw. First of all, I want to thank everyone who made it a success- from the people that sponsored, those helped recruit people to auction off, people that volunteered to be auctioned off, donated auction items, brought in sponsors, helped promote our event, the radio hosts for doing an incredible job, the people that attended, people that made donations, our great volunteers we had- everyone who participated- thank you so much. I never took any of it for granted and I so appreciate everyone who supported our event and I am so grateful.

I made sure to take a few minutes tonight and actually, really look at what was going on around me- look at all the people, everyone having a good time, donations being made- I wanted to take it all in and remember everything, enjoy the moment. It is an evening that I will hold onto forever, particularly when the dark days come. It was a dream that came true and how often do dreams come true the way you think they will? I'm so happy and relieved and grateful to everyone who made it possible- I really can't say that enough.

So how much did we bring? I'm not totally sure yet, it is approximately $7,000, but that is not a final number- so please don't quote me on that number. I need to go through everything again in the morning. I'm too tired right now to concentrate. The main thing is that everything is home safely and the credit cards were processed.

There is so much more to talk about from the date auction. I'm going to put some of my photos on the blog soon too. I'm so happy- honestly, I could cry. I worked so hard, worried so incredibly much, was so nervous about having a disaster on my hands and causing harm to Project Smile and afraid of not being able to justify all this time that was spent, but it's all good- it was worth it.

Well, I am off to bed- actually going to have a yogurt, watch more of What Not to Wear re-run and then sleep. Tomorrow, I'll sort out the revenue and enjoy the rest of the day, then it is back to work on the next event, the anniversary celebration. Thank you again to everyone who made tonight a success, it means so much to me personally and it was a big help for Project Smile, because we need the financial support drastically.
Good night friends- and it really is a good night!

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Blake said...

Hey Cat, you did a great job with the Date Auction.

I was super impressed. I'm sure the anniversary event will go just as well.

- Blake