Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, it is 12:24 right now and my goal is to be in bed by 12:50, so this is going to be a fast blog! I didn't want to go to bed without blogging- not that I have anything of any great importance to share, but it didn't feel right. So what's new? I was following up with people I invited to the anniversary event and inviting more people- that took a lot of time and I still have a ton more people to contact. It is going really slowly with getting people to commit to attending- I haven't reached panic mode yet, but I'm heading that way. Which reminds me, I need to follow up with some other auction items that have been promised but not yet received.

I was also finishing up with date auction things- I can't put the file away yet, because there are still silent auction items that haven't been paid for yet (I still have the items). Some people are really slow in getting back to me. I know that people are busy, but one would figure that if you bid on an auction item, that means you want it and will make arrangements to pay for it- soon. This is not necessarily true. If I don't hear back from some of these people, I will put the auction item in next week's event, because I don't want to be stuck with auction items.

In other news, I finished my second powerpoint presentation! Congratulations to me! It is a photo slideshow of the 2009 calendar photos- I think it looks really good. That is going to play during the event on a continuous loop- it has about 75 photos in it, each showing for 3 seconds.

I can't remember what else happened today. I wasn't feeling very good this morning and overslept and I haven't exercised in 4 days which doesn't help. I'm just really tired and really worried about next Friday. I know it must be boring to keep reading about how worried I am, but it is true. Success with the date auction has nothing to do with the anniversary event. It could be a wonderful event, but without people there it is a disaster.

Anyways, I need to sleep. Tomorrow morning I will be back to work on getting people to the event. I was also working on Halloween event things today and have more to do tomorrow, but the priority is next week's event. There is so much riding on that. Well, it's 12:38- I'm actually on track to be in bed at a decent hour- I didn't go to bed until 2:30 last night- way too late. Until tomorrow friends...

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