Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Worries

So what's new? Today I was back working on getting people to our anniversary event- that was the primary focus of the day. It is going very slow, I think right now we are up to 50 people who say they are coming. Our goal is 100. It is so stressful. I don't know what else I can do except keep working the phone and sending emails and following up with people. I went to a local networking event tonight, but I don't think it was particularly productive.

It gets a little frustrating when people make unhelpful comments, particularly about getting people to the event. One woman who I told about our event shook her head when I told her the ticket price (it was too low), then on the other end, I hear comments that people aren't going to come to my event because the economy is so bad and people can't afford anything. Then I've heard other comments that the Red Sox playoff game will be on, so people won't show. Then the really helpful comment that Fridays are bad nights for people since they already have plans. I know one should just ignore comments like those, but when you're working really hard to make something successful, you just don't need the unhelpful remarks. I can't control the economy, I can't control the Red Sox play off schedule (however, I did make the event early, so people can come to my event then go home and watch the game since they don't start until 8pm), I made our ticket price as low as possible in order not to put a financial burden on people and the fact is that people can come for free- the invite says $10 donation appreciated. Most of our auction items are on the lower end, so it is more affordable. Is there really a good night for people? I chose a Friday night because last year people said that a Friday would be better because they really don't usually go out on a work night.

I know I shouldn't even be paying attention to those comments- it's just that I'm already super worried about attendance and I am so tired. I always appreciate suggestions on how to do things better, but comments on things I can't control, or just plain negative remarks are really unncecessary, particularly commenting on a ticket price that is already set and trying to suggest i don't know what I'm doing.

In other news- I was working on the halloween event too. Our flyer is approved for distribution which is great. I also need a lot more event volunteers. The group from U-Mass Lowell isn't coming back, so I need to find a replacement. We are supposed to be having a group of Best Buy volunteers coming to help, but I'm not entirely sure if they are coming and I still need more anyways. I did buy the cutest Halloween outfit last week to wear to the event- even better than my devil angel outfit last year.

Tomorrow, I need to get all the final program info to Lisa so we can get the anniv program finished. I'm also meeting with the guy who has volunteered to bring his company's LCD projector to our event and will help out as well- that is really great because they are incredibly expensive to buy and cost $150 to rent for the night which is a giant waste. It is wonderful when people see you have a problem and offer to help without even being asked. It doesn't happen very often, so I really appreciate when it does. I'm also back to work on getting people to the event- I don't want to stay out of the office for very long, because I have a lot of people to reach.

Well, that's it for tonight. I'm tired- i fell asleep for a couple of hours tonight and now I feel like I'm in a mini stupor. I really feel like popcorn- I know that's completely random, but really feel like some. I won't though- it's too late to eat anymore and I should just go back to bed. Wish me luck in my efforts to get people to the event- I need a lucky angel on my shoulder for this one. Until tomorrow friends...

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Melanie said...

So sorry to hear of the stress you are having. I cannot wait to meet with you tomorrow, things happen for a reason and I really feel we can work well together in this area now that I am working on growing the milford store :) Steve and I will be at the event and if you can give me some flyers tomorrow - my printer was busted :(
I can hang some in the store, Steve also wants a box so he can ask every customer to make a donation to project smile and give them info on it. He has made a lot of connections in the area recently so I will see if we can get some people to the event if we can :) I will talk to you tomorrow!