Sunday, September 14, 2008


Blogging on a Sunday night- I think that's a first. So what's new? Nothing really- I am so nervous for Friday, it's dreadful. I know I need to relax, but can't seem to find a way. I had a horrendous headache earlier, still have a little one, and I don't usually get headaches- also having dreadful allergies (I hope it's not a cold, I don't think it is). It's so hard to explain how I feel. People that are event planners are probably laughing at me and maybe everyone is thinking that I'm majorly exaggerating. But I'm not. There is so much pressure for this event to be successful- we need the financial support from this event in a huge way. There was so much time and money that went into the date auction that in needs to be a success to justify all the work that went into it.

Besides that, I don't want to disappoint all the people that support this event- there were a lot of people that have believed in us and believed in our event and I don't want to disappoint them with a lousy event. I appreciate everyone that has helped get our date auction to where it is- the people that have sponsored, chosen to be auctioned off, are volunteering at the event, people that have given us deals on marketing, businesses that have donated gift certificates, the radio personalities who are hosting, Gypsy Bar for working with us- I wouldn't have gotten here without the people that have helped- so I want it to be a success so they don't feel like they wasted their time or regret being involved.

I made a business decision in January to hold this date auction as a fundraiser and besides all the bumps we've had along the way and issues that came up, I never doubted that I made the right decision and I know that it has the capability to be incredible on Friday night. I also know that I'm doing everything I can to get a great turnout. People tell me our ticket sales are on track for a great turnout. But I am so nervous, I feel it in my toes. I know it's not professional to admit that I've cried about it. But I was tonight. I'm so anxious about this event and the anniversary event 3 weeks from now- so afraid of them not being successful.

I'm sorry for being such a debbie downer tonight- I just figured blogging would help make me feel better- it hasn't. But I have stopped blowing my nose every 30 seconds and my eyes aren't so itchy, so I guess the tears helped cure that. Well, I think I'm going to go find a recipe for wonton soup- I'm going to make that tomorrow for my Try New Food Monday ritual. I had some tonight and it inspired me. I do have some emails that need attention, but maybe that can wait until morning.

I promise I will be in a better mood tomorrow- or at least I won't be all whiny. If I keep this up, I'll lose all my readers! I just hope the people that actually read this can understand how I feel without thinking I'm exaggerating- honestly, I'm not.
Until tomorrow friends....

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