Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Around the Corner!

Only two days to go until the big event! I was in Worcester all afternoon getting ready. Carolee and I were working on decorating. We got a lot done, but there is still a good amount to do tomorrow. The tables are arrriving tomorrow morning, so once those arrive we will get them set up, covered and decorated. The pumpkins are being dropped off in the morning as well. I went to the bank and got small change for the event. I remember the first year, we didn't know what to expect and we ran out of dollar bills so quickly. I probably have too many small bills- I felt like I had robbed the bank this morning when I walked out carrying bundles of dollar bills. I am excited for the event, but really worked about the participants showing up and having a good turnout like we've had for the last 3 years. I've stopped calling some groups that flaked off, but there is another big organization that said they were coming last week, but won't return my numerous phone calls to finalize the details and resolve the issues that he mentioned in his voicemail from a week ago- it was actually over a week by now. We're still short on volunteers, but not as badly as we were before. We do have fun activities and lots of candy and the kids will enjoy meeting the police and firefighters and will have a good time. I'm looking forward to the event too- it is so awesome to see all the little munchkins dressed up and to see the warehouse crowded with people- it is somewhat surreal.

What else is new? Not that much- most of the work has been focused on the Halloween event. I still haven't finished my October newsletter. I've been so tired lately, sometimes I feel like I'm getting sick, but I think it is work related- it has been one big thing right after another for a long while and I'm ready to take a little break. However, as soon as this event is over it is full force on calendar sales, grants and back to the usual work. I get really worried about things and that contributes to the tiredness, plus the frustration level of trying to reach people who are unreachable- it is exhausting.

I didn't hear from the event planner today. She had emailed me some great event ideas and I was really looking forward to speaking with her. She sent me an email saying she would call Thursday morning at 10am. I didn't respond to the email, because I didn't think it required a response. She didn't call today or send an email, which was disappointing. I understand that things come up and people can't always get to things, but a quick phone call at some point today or even an email would have been nice. I hope that everything is OK and that I hear from her soon. I know I'm not perfect in getting back to people and I would never expect perfection in other people, but it is important to follow through and do what you saying you are going to do. I need to work with someone who pays attention to details, follows throughs on what they say they will do- no matter how small, and will showcase Project Smile in a way that will help our organization grow. It is pretty simple really. What's even more simple is the fact that I deal with people who don't call me back all the time and there is no way I would choose to work with someone who doesn't call when they say they will. Not only do I find it personally annoying, but professionally, it is a sign of a much larger problem. Anyways, I hope that everything is fine with her and we can move forward. I really had a good meeting with her and was looking forward to working on an event.

Well, that's it for tonight. I'm tired and not feeling so good. I have a few more emails to send. I finally found that box I was looking for the other day- it was in my office, stacked among the dozens of other boxes of stuffed animals. I have to be in Worcester for 10am, which means I should have been in bed an hour ago. Then I have to come home tomorrow and peel grapes (mock eyeballs) for the kids to reach their hands into and make up some wet spaghetti- I also need to come up with a couple of other yucky things for kids to feel. I'm so worried about things going smoothly and everyone showing up- not just the kids, but the safety participants and everyone else who has said they will be there- we can't have a successful event without them.

I know people probably laugh at how anxious I get about events and other things, and maybe think I'm just high strung- but it's not that- it's the fact that there is a huge amount of pressure to be successful, to make smart business decisions all by myself for the most part and to grow Project Smile the way it should be. There will probably never come a day when I stop worrying about money- there will come a time when I will worry less, but it will always be there. There's a lot more to say about that subject, but it is now 1:30 and I need to sleep. Until tomorrow friends..

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