Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Late Night

Only two days to go! Last night, I literally stayed up the entire night working on anniversary things. I didn't mean to work that late, it just happened. I went back to work after blogging- was working on the bid sheets and then 1am became 2am, became 3am and I was going to go to bed, but I was sitting in my chair and suddenly started writing my speech in my head, so I figured it would probably be best to actually write it. Then that inspired me to keep working and suddenly I could start hearing birds outside and it was 6am and I was still sitting at the computer. I've never stayed up all night in my life- even in college. I went to sleep for a few hours and then was back to work. I feel better about certain things- we have volunteers definitely coming to help with the registration table, the musicians are confirmed, I spoke with Gail Huff and JC Monahan this morning and they are all set, I've decided to do a live auction for the TV Diner certificate and the Southwest tickets and I've done a mental walk through of the event. I did some final touches on our photo montage which will play while Krysta and Lisa sing- I think it looks really good. It is a few seconds longer than the song, but I really can't cut anymore photos. Both montages are all set now and saved on my laptop and a CD. I'm so glad that we have help with the LCD projector- Michael is also coming to the event to hook everything up and make sure it runs smoothly. I really appreciate his help- it is so awesome when people step up to help without even being asked. It doesn't happen very often!

My major concern is of course the same thing- people showing up. I'm going to keep following up with people tomorrow, but I've done as much as I can- I really don't know what else is possible. If everyone who says they are coming actually shows up, then we will be OK. I'm so nervous- I try to ignore how nervous I am, but that's kind of difficult to do. I need it to be successful so badly and have worked so hard these past 9 months, spent so much time- I have to be able to justify it.

Anyways, I need to stop. It is midnite and I have to get to bed at a decent hour- I'll be a wreck tomorrow if I come close to repeating last night. Tomorrow, I am picking up our Trader Joe's gift basket donation, the Gallo toy truck, Hannaford fruit basket and then, later in the day, picking up our anniversary cake in Braintree. I'd rather pick it up tomorrow than run up there on Friday morning. I love their cakes and can't wait to see ours- I actually can't remember what I ordered! I also have to get small bills out of bank, go over my speech, print raffle lists, make more calls, paint my toes- it's a pre-event ritual. Another pre-event ritual is not going out the night before a big event. Well, until tomorrow friends... keep wishing me luck for Friday!

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