Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Long Day

Today was a strange day- it literally felt like one of the longest days ever. It wasn't because I was doing nothing- I was working, and it wasn't because I was really busy- I've had busier days. It was probably because I felt really lousy, particularly this morning. 1pm came and I thought it should have been 4pm and even tonight, it's a little after 11 and I think it should be around 1am. I'm not even all that sick, I've defintely been sicker. Anyways, enough in the complaints department.

So what's new besides my issues with the clock? Well, I was working on the halloween event- it needs a lot of work and is getting kind of frustrating. We are short on volunteers, people that confirmed they were participating months ago have suddenly disappeared off the radar, we have less sponsorship money than previous years, and I have to spend a substantial amount of money to help copy the flyers (15,000 flyers). I already knew about the last two issues, but today it was particularly frustrating. To be perfectly honest, I haven't put enough time into this event as I wish I could have. I did a lot of work early on and got participants lined up. I thought I had two large volunteer groups committed, but they un-committed. I hadn't spoken to a lot of the people that were participating because I was so busy working on the other two huge events, and now, things are not where they need to be. I'm working hard to get things to come together and resolve some issues, so things will work out. I'm in a bit of panic mode right now with this event.

There is one thing that I totally don't understand- when people bid on silent auction items that they don't want. That is pretty odd. It happened with one of the gift certificates that was auctioned off on Friday. I called the winner today and he didn't sound very happy about winning the bid- it was a membership for a warehouse store. He told me that he already had a membership and didn't want it. Of course I wanted to ask him why he bid on it, but I decided that I really didn't need to know the answer. That happened as well with a girl who bid on theatre tickets at the date auction. She didn't want them either, but at least she gave me the money. I really don't understand that- no one is forcing you to bid, so if you don't want the item, don't write your name, phone number and a dollar amount on the sheet! I also had another person that bid on a limo ride, except I can't read the phone number. I tried every combination that I could figure, but finally gave up and called the next person- it was only $5 less. She was happy to get the gift certificate.

Well, I'm starting to feel really lousy again, so I'm going to bed. I haven't exercised in a week which is really bad and I totally feel it. I just want to feel normal and get things back on track with Halloween, calendar sales, the grant that is due on Friday and cleaning up my office. Until tomorrow friends..

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Anonymous said...

Feel better, Catherine! Tomorrow's just another day!