Monday, October 6, 2008

Slow Day

Well, today wasn't very productive- I was feeling pretty lousy. I'm fighting off a cold, so as long as I keep fighting it, I'll be fine, but I didn't get a ton of work done. I was working though- it just that it felt like I was moving really slowly. I was working on finalizing the numbers from the big event- getting the money in the bank (what a wonderful feeling!), contacting people that left bids on auction items (there were a lot) and following up with other people. I'm trying to get everything finished up from the two events, so I can put the files away. It's not that easy because I still have a date auction item that needs to be paid for and a raffle item in which the envelope keeps getting returned even though the winner says I have the right address. So the file can't go away until those two items are straightened out. I was also sending our web host all the updates for our site. I hate having an outdated site. If an event happens, it needs to be off the site immediately. There is nothing worse than visiting site that has outdated info on it, even if it is a couple of days old, it looks sloppy.

I have so much work to do, I can't get any sicker. Our Halloween event needs a ton of attention, we particularly need event volunteers because we lost the two big school groups that helped us out last year. the event requires a lot of volunteers in order to run smoothly. Then I have a grant that is due on Friday which I'll be working on tomorrow. And I need to continue getting auction items to people and other follow up calls/emails, etc. I also need to get working on calendar sales.

I was thinking today about sick time. I started work later this morning and just plugged along slowly. I'm lucky that if I'm sick, I can take the day off work without worrying about sick days or showing a doctors note or losing a day's pay. I believe that typical 5 sick days a week isn't sufficient. When I get into the position of hiring employees, I will have a generous sick policy. There is nothing worse than being forced to work when you're sick, plus who wants a sick person coming into work and spreading germs? A long time ago, I had a waitressing job- they didn't have sick days- you had to show up or find a someone to swap. I had a horrendous cold and called the manager to try to explain why I couldn't come in. I couldn't find anyone to swap with. She said I had to either come in or get a doctors note. Well, I had health insurance, but it had a $300 dedeuctible and I couldn't afford the $80 to get a note. So I went to work with my red, runny nose and a hacking cough. It was absolutely gross. I thought they would send me home, but I had to stay and serve customers for two hours. I did the best I could not to spread germs, but to have a waitress with a miserable cold serve you food is pretty disgusting.

Anyways, that's my view on sick days- let people take them when they need them without punishing them for things they can't control. Now, I'm going to go blow my nose yet again, eat an apple with honey and walnuts if I can find them in the kitchen and go to bed. Until tomorrow friends...

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