Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, here we are- only 18 hours away from our big event. It's funny when you think of time- in 18 hours we are celebrating 5 years of Project Smile. 5 years ago, it was still barely more than an idea. It is funny to think of how things have changed, how much I have learned, how far we have come- and how much further we have to go. Personally, I've learned so much. I feel like a better person because of the job that I have and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that it gives me. Of course, it is not perfect- very far from it. There is a lot of stress and anxiety and an incredible amount of pressure- more than what I ever could have imagined, but I can't think of another job that I want. I am proud of our 5 years of work and excited for what the next five years and what the next 10, 20 years will bring.

I wish for three things tomorrow- that everything runs smoothly, that people show up and we raise a lot of money. So if I had a magical genie, that's what I would ask for. I'm very nervous, but excited too. Whatever happens, I know I worked as hard as I could to do a great event- but that knowledge would be poor comfort if tomorrow was not successful. I think I've remembered everything that I need. I picked up our cake- it is beautiful! In the morning, I'll pick up the PA system. Then loading up the cars and heading to the hotel to set up. I feel so teary right now- probably because I'm so tired and anxious.

I am off to bed. Please wish me all the best tomorrow- I need your support!

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