Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday News

So what's new? Not too much- no checks for $50,000 landing in my mailbox today or highly quslified people calling and saying they want to work full time for free... I did get a check for $200 from AidMatrix- that is the program which runs the Virtual Aid Drive on our website. The VAD is the shopping cart page which the donation link goes to on our site, it is a cool way to encourage financial contributions. I stumbled upon it accidentally last year when I was looking for organizations in California to send stuffed animals to for the children who were victims of the forest fires. Our site used to get very few financial donations- less than $100 per year. When I saw the VAD page, I knew we had to get that on our site- it made me want to donate money and I knew that if it made me feel that way, it would work for others. We still don't get a lot of financial donations online (not including calendar sales or tix purchases), but it is a significant improvement.

Today was a mostly quiet day- I was trying to catch up on a lot of things, send out thank you letters, follow up with a number of people, send the updates for our website, clean up my office (that is a work in progress), finish the October newsletter- it is still not done. It is such a simple newsletter, there is no reason that it took this long. It is now going to be renamed Fall News Part I- I will do a Fall News Part 2 in November, then we will get back to regular schedule with the December newsletter. I did get a lot done today, but there are a ton of small things that need finished tomorrow. I am going away to Baltimore on Thursday for a mini vacation, so I want to get things finished, my office cleaned, all emails responded to, etc. before I go away. That way, when I come back, everything will be ready to go and I can start November without looking at a pile of things that should have been done already. I'll be home on Monday.

There was some good news- I decided to call the event planner on Monday. I hadn't heard from her and thought that possibly there was a miscommunication. She called me back a few hours later and things are moving forward- apparently there was a misunderstanding. We are meeting next week to discuss the event in greater detail. I was at a restaurant in Boston tonight that I think would be a perfect venue for a Valentine's themed event.

Well, that's it for tonight. I'm feeling a little anxious because time slips by and there is so much I haven't done. I also haven't exercised today- I might go and do that now because it always makes me feel better. I've been slipping a little with the daily exercise and that is not good. I also need to go to bed earlier- somehow 1am is now becoming a 2am bedtime. I know I work better at night, but going to bed that late means that half my morning is gone- I may be awake, but my brain is in a cloud. Tomorrow, I have to be in Boston for a DSS donation, I have a few errands to run, then I'm back here finishing up things and cleaning- I really want to come home to a sparkling, neat office. I was thinking this morning when I was organizing, about a comment that a guy who I was briefly dating made- he told me that he laughed inside every time I mentioned my office. He had never been inside my office, but he knew I worked from home. I didn't say anything when he said that, but it shocked me and it hurt. Right then, I knew things would never work with him- I pretty much already knew that, but that was the clincher. That comment meant that he didn't take me seriously and he didn't take my work seriously. Now, I may not have a fancy office and it may be only 10 ft away from my bedroom and it may be somewhat messy- but I am very proud of it and I respect it as much as if it was on the 50th floor of a downtown skyscraper.

Well, that's it for tonight. It is 12:28 and I'm going to bed- early for a change. Wish me luck tomorrow- I have so many little things to do. Why do the little things always take so long?? Until next tomorrow friends..

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