Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Changing Direction

What a day! I decided this morning to postpone our Mother's Day event until next year. I know that seems unexpected, but I think it is the best decision to make. So how did this decision come to be? Well, this morning I spoke with an event planner who has been in the business for 30 years. She was very nice- very supportive and helpful and we had a long conversation. She liked our event a lot, but thought this was not a good time to hold it because of the economic situation. She said that this was not the year to try new events, her advice was to stick to the events that we have already been doing- events that have been successful and already have a following and to wait to add new events. She did say that I could go ahead with the event, but it would be for raising awareness and exposure and not a fundraiser, but also said that it was a lot of work for that. I've always believed in listening to good advice- I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the advice that I've been given over the years. I would be the first to say that I don't know everything and I believe in finding people who know more than I do and learning from them. When I spoke with this planner, I knew she was giving good advice and I knew I needed to listen.

How do I feel? Relieved actually. I was in a state these last few days worrying about this event. I need to work on my events well in advance and 4 months is not long enough. By waiting until next year, I will have plenty of time to put together an awesome event. I may work with an event planner or I may do it on my own, I'm not sure yet. I think that the economy will start to get better by this time next year and we will be in a better position. Now I can focus on our 6th Anniversary Celebration and the Date Auction- our two important events and I can work on the Mother's Day Tea without this panic that I've been feeling. I think the racing event will be pushed to next spring as well.

I can't believe it is only Wednesday night- it feels like it should be Friday. These last few days have been so hectic. I need to get things back on track tomorrow and focus on everything else that needs done. I have an appointment in Boston in the morning, so that will take a part of the day, but it is important. I did finish my January newsletter today, I have to email it over to Lisa for her to format.

I spoke with the woman who runs a PR company again today- the same person I spoke with yesterday who I thought was being negative. She had commented on my blog- it was a very nice comment. So we talked today and had a really good conversation. By that point, I had already decided to postpone the event. She was very supportive of our work and said she wants to help out in the future. I am really glad that I spoke with her today.

Well, that's it for tonight. It is only 11pm- can you imagine I'm finishing my blog so early? I should go and work because I feel really behind on things, but I think it might be best to read for a little, write my list and go to bed. I feel really behind on things- I've spent a lot of time this week focusing on the Mother's Day event and I'm so behind on other things. Anyways, I don't want to think about that right now- I'm going to go eat grapefruit- I find eating grapefruit very relaxing for some strange reason. Then I'm off to bed- so early! Until tomorrow...

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