Monday, January 5, 2009

New Start

Well, here we are the start of the first official work week of 2009. So what's new? Check for a million dollars? 5 new staff members being hired? All events planned and ready to go? No- not quite. The day did go pretty well though. Last night, I had trouble falling asleep which is really unusual for me- I usually fall asleep as soon as I roll over from watching SportsCenter. So, I was lying in bed and I was thinking of all the money that we didn't receive last year from organizations that usually donate. I thought of one particular Rotary Club that usually makes an annual $250 donation- I hadn't received anything and was disappointed- took it as another sign of the economic situation. Anyways, I went to the mail this morning and guess what was waiting for me? A check from the Rotary Club! It is so nice when things work out like that.

Not much news on the Valentines event- we are moving forward though and will definitely be holding the event. However, we still don't have the details worked out- that needs to be finished this week and we need a marketing plan. This event has run so far off course from the way I usually work, it is a whole new experience and not a good one. I plan my events so far in advance, been doing that well before Project Smile, so to be in this situation is new to me and somewhat disconcerting. We are working on the mothers day event as well and I want things to be completely different for that event in terms of time management and planning.

What else is new? I was contacting more raffle winners- that is always fun. I still have a few more that I need to reach. I was also working on our plan for this year, but still have a lot left to do. I didn't get as much done last week as I was planning on. Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting with the events manager at the hotel where we would like to host our Mother's Day event, then I am back to work on our 2009 planning. I also need to set up a time to meet with Carolee, so we can start work on the Halloween event and I want to book our 6th Anniversary Celebration and the date auction, so we can have those dates/locations finalized. Can you imagine it is going to be our 6th anniversary this year? It doesn't even seem real- this is the fist time I've written it down. I was stressed last night and I wasn't looking forward to working on the events- was focused on all the difficult things, but today I'm back to normal and feeling better about things.

Well, that's it for tonight. It is 12:04, so this is an early night. I want to go and read for a bit and write my list. My new years resolutions did not involve going to bed earlier- I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it. I enjoy working late too much! I started tango classes tonight- one of my personal resolutions was to do new things. I've always wanted to learn the tango, it is such a beautiful dance. So off I went tonight and it was fun. OK, now I am going off on a tangent- I should stop rambling. Maybe I won't go and read, my eyes are starting to hurt again, I should just go to sleep- until tomorrow friends.

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