Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop the Worry

I almost hit an animal when I was driving home tonight- it got me thinking about how quickly things can change. There I was, driving along on a windy road home, a little after 11pm- partly thinking happy thoughts and partly worrying about work stuff- when all of a sudden an animal, maybe a raccoon- I don't even know, comes darting out across the street. I slammed on my brakes and luckily didn't hit him. It scared me a little, because it was a reminder of how things can change in an instant. One moment you can be going along thinking about all the little things that seem to matter so much and in a split second, everything can change. I realized that I need to stop worrying about things so much. This morning was somewhat annoying and I was feeling quite stressed. I've been working on obtaining sponsors for the date auction, but seem to be hitting a bit of a roadblock lately. The people I spoke with were generally quite unhelpful and disinterested this morning. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Our event is now only 5 months away and we need to get a lot more sponsors on board. It is such an incredible event and a great marketing opportunity for a company that wants to reach a large crowd of young professionals.

There was a bright moment though- Carolee called me with good news. She got a new company on board as a calendar sponsor. Her phone call couldn't have come at a better time because I was sitting at my desk, staring out the window and worrying about obtaining financial donors. Her call made a big difference and got me motivated to get back to making phone calls. I have reached out to quite a few new companies lately for the date auction, I think we will get a positive response from at least a couple of them, but it does take time to get a commitment. That's the thing about this job that can be so frustrating sometimes- you work really hard and don't see any results for a while. That's part of the reason why I enjoy cleaning- because you see instant, tangible results.

Anyways, what else is new? I don't remember. I know that's a stupid answer, but I get tired and forget what happened. My concept of time can be amazingly off sometimes. I was searching for an email this morning that I thought was sent to me last week- it turned out it was sent yesterday. Tomorrow, I'm dropping off stuffed animals with the Boston FF Association. Yesterday, we donated to Orange PD- it is a small town. There are so many other small towns that we haven't reached yet. There is a whole part of the state west of Rt. 91 that we have barely touched. It is a long drive to get to some of those towns, but we need to get out there. I feel like we have neglected a chunk of the state. The furthest west we've donated to is Lenox and Stockbridge which are 2 hours away. I should work on that tomorrow.

My eyes are hurting, I think I need to sleep. I've also been slipping on my list writing. Partly because I think I can keep track of everything that I need to do without writing a list. Technically that is true, but a list is very helpful to keep the brain focused and it also helps get me back on track when things don't go well and I start to feel anxious. So tonight, before I let my sore little eyes go to sleep, I will be sure to write my list. Ah, don't you get tired of hearing me talk about my list writing? It is probably almost as bad as listening to me rave about my grapefruit eating. Anyways, until tomorrow friends..

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