Monday, September 21, 2009

12,000 Successes

Date Auction Success to the tune of $12,000 raised! What a night it was! The funny thing was that we managed to raise almost 30% more than last year even though the winning date auction bids were significantly less than last year. This year most people went around the $100 range- the highest was a woman for $400 and a few men went in the $200 hundred range. We had absolutely beautiful and accomplished people, so there definitely wasn't an issue with the bachelors/ettes and we had some very hot fire fighters. The lower bids were definitely a sign of the economic troubles- people have less money to spend. So how did we increase from last year? We raised our ticket prices and we sold a lot more tickets in advance. Our silent auction items did well too, we actually increased the profit margin on some of our sports items and the airline tickets went for $600.

Almost as important as the amount of money raised was the awesome feedback we received. We had 500 people at Gypsy Bar and I heard so many good things from people that attended or were auctioned off. Katie, from Sofft Shoes, was able to attend and I think she really enjoyed the event. Our presenting sponsor, Table for Eight, was also in attendance for the first time. I was really happy that they could see our event firsthand and just how cool it is. We also got really good feedback on our gift bags. I wish that Axe and some of the other donors could have been their to see it. One of my personal highlights was to see our bright green Project Smile bags walking down Bolyston Street after the event. When we walked over to get my car, two girls that got in the elevator both were carrying their Project Smile bags and it made me so happy to see. In terms of marketing Project Smile, the date auction is awesome.

Our volunteers also did a great job, we had about 20 volunteers helping. It really makes a difference when you have reliable people helping. I spent a lot of time Saturday following up with people to get their silent auction items to them, thanking people (I still haven't finished) and following up with the ladies to get their Sofft Shoes order form. It was kind of funny to wake up today and not have to work on getting gift certificates for the date auction. I am working on getting already promised auction items for the anniversary event next week though- we still have a lot of items that were promised, but we haven't received yet. I also need to keep working on getting people to attend- we are really short on that so far. I did get some fabulous jewelry pieces in the mail today from Melissa- she sells jewelry and also helps sponsor our calendar for the last few years.

In other good news, our calendars are ready! I am picking them up tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to seeing them. I'm also dropping off a sport auction item in Boston after I pick up the calendars. Then, I'm back to work on getting people to our big event next week. It is such an awesome event, it really should be easier to get people to attend. I really need people to bring their friends with them- that is the best way to get people to attend. One of our highlighted auction items hasn't arrived yet, so I'm getting a little worried about that.
Anyways friends, I am really tired- it will be an early night tonight- it is only 12:12. Until tomorrow friends...

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