Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Count Down

OK, this is going to be an eleven minute blog- it is 1:49 and my goal is to have the lights out by 2:05. I'm trying really hard to keep on a good sleep schedule so I'm not totally exhausted by Friday. I'm really tired anyways. So how are things? Going pretty well. I picked up some gift certificates this afternoon and I bought a bunch as well- some friends had donated money to cover the cost. Then I got back to work this afternoon and had two emails confirming that we will be getting their gift certificate donations for the event. It was kind of funny, since I didn't need to go and buy all the ones that I did. But I couldn't have predicted that was going to happen and I wanted to get things covered. We sold a lot of tickets today which is really good, we've sold 40% more tickets than we had sold this time last year, so that is pretty awesome. Tomorrow, I have a lot of small things to take care of and I need to stuff our bags with our latest items. A friend is coming over tomorrow evening to help with that.

I also need to keep getting the word out for our anniversary event and following up with auction items that I haven't received. I am so nervous about everything. I'm trying my best to relax and stay calm and focused on getting all the details taken care of. The most important thing right now is to pay attention to the small details- because that is where things can go wrong. I think I have everything covered, but I keep worrying that maybe I'm missing something. I did my walk thru at Gypsy today and everything was looking good.

Well, it is 2:01 and I'm off to bed. I know this wasn't exactly the most fascinating post and I'm sorry about that. I need to sleep and write my list for tomorrow. Until next time friends...

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