Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, today was a good day for the most part. We have another date auction financial sponsor on board! It is a returning sponsor from last year, they are matching the same level they did last year. We are now almost at our sponsorship goal, which is a relief. It is always such a good feeling to get financial commitments.

I did calendar photos of the cutest babies today- a Hopedale officer and his 3 month old identical twin daughters. They were absolutely adorable. They were really easy to photograph too, no tears or fussing. Later, I did photos with the daughter of a lady who helps with Project Smile things. She was 8 years old and a cutie too. It is a lot of fun doing calendar photos. Tomorrow morning, I am down in Rhode Island doing photos with the state police and then to Mendon for more photos. I still have a lot more to do, but we're making progress.

On the downside, one of our new calendar sponsors has dropped out. He said business wasn't doing well and he couldn't afford to sponsor. I had a bad feeling about it already, so I wasn't that surprised, but I didn't have a back up and I need to find someone to fill that half month spot.

I spoke with our calendar printer today and we are all set to repeat what we did last year- I wasn't expecting any changes, but it is important to touch base and make sure things are all set. I also spoke with our graphic designer to give her a heads up about all the things that I'll be sending her way soon.

I've updated our date auction participant list- we technically have filled our bachelorette quota. I like to have extra ladies though in case we have some people drop out. Last year, we had 2 girls drop out. I'm still waiting for a lot of the guys, but it is always that way.

Tomorrow, I need to work on date auction marketing, updates to our website, contacting the rental place for our stage/table rental, work on more auction items and I should also start our newsletter. I slipped with my newsletter way too much this year and I need to get back to the way things were- for years I always did a monthly newsletter, but this year it has been more sporadic- not cool.

Well friends, that's the latest and greatest for tonight. I'm off to read my book (I didn't end up reading last night, just conked out early), write my list for tomorrow (I've been slipping with that too) and then bed. Lots more progress to be made tomorrow. I feel like eating some blueberries too- already had watermelon and cherries tonight- I'm having a bit of a fruit craving. Until next time friends...

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