Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well friends, our 7th Anniversary Celebration was a success! We raised almost $8,000. It was a little less than last year, but there was also a rainstorm on Friday which affected attendance a bit. It was a great night! Pam Cross, our speaker, was excellent, Miss Massachusetts was so nice- she even spoke as well. I had no idea that she had donated stuffed animals to Project Smile in the past and was already familiar with our work. Almost all of our silent auction items sold and most people stayed to the end and took their items with them, which makes it a lot easier for me. I don't have too many people that I have to get items to and collect money for. I am really relieved. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it. Everything went well- the food was delicious, the cake was excellent, the hotel did a great job making everything look good, balloons looked really pretty and I got a lot of great feedback from the people that attended. I'm so happy that both events went well. I am also glad that they are over. I love working on events, but will be good to have a break before I start working on the next ones. I know that I will need to plan a spring event at some point in time, but right now, working on 2 big events is enough.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make last night and the date auction such a success- without the people that sponsored, who donated items, volunteered their time, attended the events, bought items- everyone who helped make these events a success- thank you! I truly appreciate your help.

Well, I am going back to work- I have emails to send, bills to pay, things to mail and I need to submit quite a few website updates. I know it is Sunday night, but there is still a lot to get done. Since I am home tonight, I might as well work.
Until next time friends...

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