Tuesday, February 22, 2011

List Power

Lists are wonderful! Over the last few months, I slipped with my list writing- I was keeping my mental lists, but not always writing them down. Yesterday, I recommitted to writing a daily list. So last night, before I fell asleep, I wrote my list for today. One of the funny thing is that even though my new list book is lined, the lines are pale yellow and even though I'm wearing my glasses I can't see them the lines very well, so my list is always crooked and not very neat. I woke up this morning and was not feeling particularly motivated, even though I went to bed rather early. I didn't exercise (big mistake!) and couldn't get myself going. I looked at my list and it inspired me- I started with one thing just so I could check it off, then moved on so I could check another thing off. Pretty soon, I was well on my way and getting results. If I didn't write my list, I would have struggled even longer this morning to get focused. I didn't get to everything on my list and I didn't get to work on that big grant, but that is OK, it was still a good day. I got some new sponsors on board to attend the date auction and give out samples and gift bag items. I also got some participants on board for the ladies night that we are working on with California Closets and Hello Stiletto Shoe Club in May.

So here is my business recommendation- write a daily list. When you have a million things to do, it really helps to write them down. When you run your own business, writing a list keeps you motivated and focused.

I went to a good networking event tonight with the United Regional Chamber's Young Professional group. I had heard about the group months ago from a couple of people, but this was the first event that I attended. I'm really happy with the new networking that I've been doing.

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I'm off to eat grapefruit, write my list and go to bed early. It does make a difference going to bed earlier. Until tomorrow...

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