Thursday, February 17, 2011


I think I wrote about this before, but my sense of timing is rather funny- I'm like a homing pigeon. When I'm working on my annual things, I will end up doing the same things almost exactly a year later without even thinking about it. In fact, each time I get a little panicky- thinking that I am delayed and behind on things. This week, I was worried that I hadn't even started to apply for ticket donations for our events from various airlines. I opened up a file from last year and I did my application for two airlines- I applied for both donations almost exactly one year ago- only 2 days difference. I also started contacting other auction donors and when I looked at the date that I approached them last year, it was only 4 days difference. I guess I am definitely a creature of habit!

Good news, Yelp is back as an event sponsor for the date auction and we have our first bachelor signed up to be auctioned off. We also have a non alcoholic beverage company who is going to donate coupons for the date auction gift bags and give away bottles at the event, along with other promo items. We also got a commitment today from a food company who is going to donate samples for the gift bags and hopefully also do a tasting at the event. I need to order our new gift bags for the date auction. They will be the same tote bag as last year, but I want to do a new color. So far, we have had bright green and purple. I would like to do yellow this year or maybe blue. I would love to do a hot pink, but that might be too juvenile and not have mass appeal.

I have to finish that big grant I was working on. It is due March 1. I was struggling with it yesterday. I don't know why it is such a challenge- it is complicated, but it is doable. I would like to get it mostly finished tomorrow. I have another grant that I need to work on which is a lot simpler. There are also a few others that I need to start working on within the next month.

I am so glad that I blogged tonight. I wasn't going to blog because I was feeling so tired. I was watching TV and falling asleep, but I didn't want to skip blogging for another night, so I pushed myself to get my laptop and actually turn it on. It feels good to write and now I don't feel so tired. However, I will go to bed early- I have a lot of work that I want to get through tomorrow and I know it does help when I go to bed a little earlier (on those rare nights!). So until next time friends...

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