Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good News

Good news on the grant front friends! On Friday, we received a $3,000 grant from the DCU Foundation! That was a great way to wrap up the month. I was really getting worried with the grants, so it is really good to have some good news. The funny thing is that when I felt the envelope, I was convinced it was too thin to have a check in it. While I was opening it in the post office, I kept psyching myself up that it was OK if it was a rejection- there are lots of other grants to apply for and we're still waiting on news from other grants. I definitely thought it was going to be bad news, especially since they seemed to respond rather quickly to our application. Imagine my happiness when I opened the letter and saw the corner of the check, then read the amount- what a relief! Obviously, this helps financially and it is also encouraging for other grants. Foundations and other organizations are still giving money and we can still get sizable support. I don't mean to sound like I didn't appreciate the $500 grants that we received recently, but the reality is that $500 grants don't go very far. Every donation is important, no matter what size, but we definitely need the bigger amounts to come in steadily. That is the only way we can maintain what we are doing and grow- the real goal is growing, not just maintaining what we have.

Well, there is a lot more to write about but it is already 12:45 and I need to at least seriously attempt to get to my 1am bedtime. I was working on the email blast for our Smiling Stiletto August event and it took longer than expected. I even managed to add the event link to our new website all by myself- I am rather proud of my techie ability! Smiling Stiletto is the new name for the Hello Stiletto Shoe Club which I recently took over. It is a social organization for shoe lovers. We get together regularly for parties and other fun events- some of those events benefit Project Smile! Feel free to check out our new website at www.smilingstiletto.com

I'm off to write my list and dash to bed. Until tomorrow friends..

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