Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inching Along

Sometimes, I feel like a turtle- every day inching along, ever so slowly towards my goals. It is all about the small steps that lead to bigger things happening. Today was another day of inches. This morning, I did our donation to Norfolk PD, our 173rd department to partner with. Then I zoomed back to work on our anniversary celebration, summer fashion show fundraiser at the Northshore mall and the date auction. I was following up on donors that I had reached out to before for auction items, but hadn't heard back. I can't over estimate how important it is to keep following up. One of the women that I had been trying to reach no longer works for the company, so I was given a new contact person that I reached out to. I spoke with another previous donor that I had emailed a few weeks ago but hadn't heard back from and she is going to donate a gift basket for the auction. Some of the businesses that I followed up with last week mailed in their gift certificates this week. It really is crucial to keep following up. If I didn't always follow up, we would have less than half the auction items for our anniversary celebration than we usually do.

There was a local attraction that I had tried to get a gift cert. from a few times over the years, but never got any response. I was googling a local fire department's phone number, when the phone number for this attraction popped up- I didn't know it had changed its name, I'm assuming it has a different owner. I decided to give it another shot and called and spoke with the owner. She was very nice and happily agreed to donate a gift certificate. She also wants to get her company involved with Project Smile.

Here is a photo from our donation today to Norfolk PD. I need to stop wearing the same outfit for my donations! I have so many photos from donations where I'm wearing the same outfit- usually black pants and my favorite short sleeve black dress shirts. Now, I wearing this dress in all my recent donation photos-  I really don't wear it every day!

In grant news- I haven't heard back from the big grant that we applied for in early April. I'm getting a little worried. I'm sure they get a lot of applications, so it must take them a long time to review, but we are almost at the two month point. They funded us 4 years ago, so there has been past support for our work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We really need this grant to stay on track. I still haven't done anymore grant work this week. It is a priority, so I need to stop pushing it down the list every day.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to have my second peach of the season- I already had watermelon tonight. Summer fruit is one of the best things in life- peaches, watermelon, blueberries, melons, grapes, cherries- there is much delicious fruit! Until next time friends...

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