Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Polly Progress

So what's the latest? Well, I'm happy to announce that I made progress on my latest grant today. We asking for continued funding for our program- we received a $4,000 grant a couple of years ago. I'm having trouble trying to add new information to the grant. Their grant application hasn't changed and our program hasn't changed since we last applied- aside from the number of departments/shelters that we've donated to. I've updated the statistical information, but I feel like I'm supposed to change other things too. I am including new letters of support from some of the departments that we partner with. Those letters are very important to include in our grant applications. I think I need to stop worrying about adding new information to the grant itself. The most important thing is to answer the application questions clearly and concisely and include the letters. Hopefully, they will continue to support our work.

I've been working on recruiting bachelors/ettes for the date auction. I have a few people signed up so far which is great and I have a bunch of others that have said they wanted to do it, but haven't sent in their info yet. I'm also reaching out to people who have helped recruit in the past. It always starts out slow recruiting bachelors/ettes- I get so anxious about the process, but then I end up with a waiting list. I need to keep remembering that when I start freaking out.

I've been dealing with some stressful things these last few days. There is an issue that has arose about an event that we're working on. I didn't foresee this issue and so far it hasn't been resolved. Hopefully, we can work it out, but I'm not sure what is going to happen. Events can be very difficult to work on- they involve so many people and it can be hard to negotiate between all the competing needs. People also communicate in styles that can be difficult to work with at times.

In other news, our email newsletter went out today- finally! It looks great. I always open it and read it as if I was an outsider. I think it is a good newsletter. It has relevant, short articles, one good photo and links to other info. It also has a 'Smile section' which gives a piece of information- either trivia, a recipe or other interesting/fun news that would be of interest to our supporters. I get newsletters from other organizations and some of them are so long that I don't read them. I saw a newsletter recently from the United Regional's YPO organization and I loved it because it was short and simple. I like newsletters that I can read quickly.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to finish reading Hunger Games and eat some left over cake. I hosted my friend's baby shower over the weekend and I've been enjoying the left over cake. It is from my favorite place- Konditor Meister. They have cakes that are gorgeous and delicious. Until tomorrow friends...

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