Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wrapping Up May

How is May coming to an end already? It felt like it just began and I am not ready for June yet- I need an extra week at least. Can someone make that happen please?

So what's the latest? Well, I scheduled a donation next week to the state police. It has been a while since we've donated there and I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow, I'm donating to our 173rd department- Norfolk Police. I need to buy coloring books because I'm running out. Next week, we will be donating to our 174th department: Millville PD. They are both small departments which are close by.

I'm making progress on scheduling photo shoots for our 2013 calendar. It feels funny to write 2013- it seems like it should be so far away. I have two photo shoots scheduled for next Wednesday and I've reached out to other people to set up more dates. Hopefully, I'll have those dates soon. Tomorrow, I need to make more phone calls. I want to expand the calendar to include more children, so if any one reading has children and would like to have them participate in the calendar, let me know! I'm going to be reaching out to some different groups to invite them to have their kids participate.

Yesterday was a strange day, I woke up at 4:45am with stomach bug symptoms- I fell back asleep hours later, but jolted myself out of bed a half hour before a work call that I needed to make. I checked my email first and saw that the person asked to move the call to later that morning. I thought about going back to bed because I still didn't feel very well, but decided to be a little productive while waiting to make the call. My stomach bug symptoms decreased, and although I still didn't feel great, I ended up having a very productive day. I think I was really productive because I took all the pressure off myself and gave myself permission to work slowly without worrying about all the other things I was supposed to get done. I didn't work on challenging things like grants or contacting new sponsors, but I got a bunch of smaller tasks done.

We have a new sponsor on board for the date auction which is exciting. We are 75% of the way to our sponsorship goal which is a relief. I've been focusing now on getting bachelors/ettes to participate in the date auction. I'm going to be partnering with an organization for the date auction that I'll be able to help recruit some singles from. I have people who have said that they could get people to participate, so I need to follow up with them to get the actual contact info for potential participants.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm home tonight and caught up on a few things, now I'm off to read some more of the second Hunger Games book and eat some watermelon. It may not be as healthy as grapefruit, but it is so delicious! Until tomorrow friends...

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