Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coming Together

Well friends- we are getting there with our two big fall events and our calendar. Every year, I think it isn't going to come together, but slowly and surely things do come together. Things are far from complete of course, but we are where we need to be today- and that is all that matters. I finally have sponsors committed for all of our calendar ads (not all paid for) which is a huge relief. I have one more photo shoot to do, then photos are finished. I've sent all the photos with my notes to Lisa, so she is ready to start working on putting the calendar together. I'm still waiting for ad copy from some of our sponsors.

I was at the police academy today recruiting bachelors for the Date Auction- that is always one of my favorite visits! the Academy is very formal, so it is quite an experience to enter a room where everyone stand up when you walk in and addresses you as 'ma'am'. It is always a very pleasant group and we've done great in the past with the bachelors that have signed up. We got 5 guys and one lady signed up, which was great. The recruits usually bring their classmates with them which helps with ticket sales. It is a fun night out for a group as well. Hopefully, they will send in their details/photos in a timely manner so I can get that taken care of. I should be getting a bunch of fire fighters signed up soon, so then I will be all set for guys as well. Marie, an awesome designer who donates her time to do the date auction and anniversary event programs, is on board to help again. That saves us a lot of money, especially since the date auction program takes a lot of time with all the profiles/photos of the bachelors/ettes.

Yelp is helping out by designating a bunch of tickets for the Food Truck festival for our use in the Date Auction. We can give some of them to the 'couples' for their dates and in the silent auction. Yelp is also going to do a check-in game where people will be entered to win some tickets as well. This will be the first year that I don't have to buy extra gift certificates, so that is awesome.

We're repeating the same marketing that we did last year and actually saving $100. I need to contact the rental company for the stage/tables, if there fees haven't gone up, then we will be under budget from last year. I've already exceeded our sponsorship goal for the event, so things are looking good on that front.

I always get anxious when I say that things are going well- I don't want to jinx anything. In my perfect world, we would have already sold a ton of tickets, but that isn't realistic, so I can't get anxious about that. I've been working really hard to get things to where they are today with all of our events and calendar, and I am relieved that we are making real progress and these events are coming together well. I can't predict the future, but I can do everything possible to set things up right.

Well friends, that's it for tonight- I'm off to watch more Olympic coverage which I'm obsessed with. I don't know how I'm going to go back to watching baseball and football when the Olympics is over- they look so boring in comparison. Until next time friends...

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