Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Marvels

Well, there weren't exactly any marvels today, but I liked the title. So what's new? I scheduled our donation to our 177th department today- it will be Attleboro PD next week. A friend also put me in touch with a Boston area department. I spoke to them today and hopefully, we will be donating there soon. We're also doing our next donation to the State Police next week. Thursday, I'm doing another donation to a metro west shelter that we've been partnering with for the past couple of years. This was a good day for scheduling donations.

Things are progressing well on the date auction front. Today, I was putting all the bachelorettes in order. I already spent time putting all the profiles together. Some of the profiles need to be edited for space. It takes a long time to put the bachelors/ettes in order. I don't have an exact process that I follow when choosing the order. I try to group some of the people together by age, sometimes I group by occupation- I do that more with the guys than the ladies. A lot of it is a feeling- I pour over the photos and profiles and put them in the order that I feel will work best. I finished it earlier today, but I didn't send it to Marie yet, our designer who is generously donating her time to do the program. I want to take one more look at it in the morning. I've pulled the bachelor profiles together, but I haven't put them in order. I'm waiting for more fire fighters first.

Our email invitation is almost ready to send out. Our web host did a test email today and it just needs a couple of little changes. It should go out to our PS database tomorrow. This is the earliest we've had the final version ready. The final version has photos of about half of the bachelors/ettes on it. The invitation looks great. If I opened it, I would definitely want to go to the event. Originally, I was going to send the version without the photos first, but then I decided to wait until we had the finished version with the pictures because I was concerned that people wouldn't open the second version because they thought they had already seen it. This invitation is also the same one that we will use in our Boston Event Guide email blast. It is our single most important piece of event marketing.

Wednesday is our Smiling Stiletto summer soiree fundraiser at the Northshore Mall. I'm really excited for the event. The mall does all the work organizing the event. I help recruit members of Smiling Stiletto as models and we promote the event to our members. The tickets are $10 and all the proceeds will benefit Project Smile. It will be a small fundraiser, but that is fine- every dollar we raise is important. It also helps raise awareness for Project Smile. Fashion shows are a lot of fun. It is also great when we have events in which I don't have to do all the work!

Well, that's the latest for tonight. There's lots more to write about, but I'm getting a bit of a headache and I'm going to head off to the fridge in search of a peach that may or may not be there... until tomorrow friends...

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