Monday, August 27, 2012

Moving Along

Well friends, we are moving in the right direction. An awesomely helpful Boston fire fighter recruited 6 single fire fighters for the Date Auction which is terrific. Two of the guys sent me their info very promptly. We have finally filled all our bachelor spots. A number of the people who are being auctioned off are being great in spreading the word and inviting their friends. It is really funny how things work- two girls dropped out last week and I replaced them with two ladies from the waiting list. I asked one of the women if she had any single guy friends that would like to participate- she gave me the name of her friend who immediately signed up. It turns out he works in marketing and club promotion and has a huge social connection. He said he was really excited to participate and is going to be inviting a ton of people. It makes a huge difference when you get people on board who have a lot of contacts and really want to help get the word out.

I reached out to a media person today and she is going to help by getting our event into the newspaper. She said that she'll wait until next week to include it, so it is closer to the event. She wanted to include some names of people participating, so I emailed some of the participants to get their permission to have their full names used in the paper. Almost of them responded quickly with their permission. I'm really happy to get this extra publicity.

In other news (yes, there is actually other news!)- I did a donation today to our newest department; Attleboro PD. I was talking with one of the officers for a while and he was very receptive to our program. They keep the stuffed animals in bags in the cruisers and at the station for children that come in. We were talking about fundraising and I mentioned the Date Auction coming up- it turns out that he has been friends for a long time with the officer who met his wife at our first Date Auction. He was telling me about how when the guy who ended up getting married first met Elizabeth, he came back and told the officer about how he had met a girl at the event and really liked her. I love how it is such a small world!

Here is a photo from our donation today:
Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat some yogurt and pineapple. I bought peaches today, which I would love to have right now, but they are nowhere near ripe. Until tomorrow friends.. keep wishing me ticket sales please!

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