Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving Along

Well, we are moving right along to our next event which is exactly one month away! Our 9th Anniversary Celebration! I mailed a lot of invitations yesterday and today, I still have more to do. I've also been reaching out to people to help spread the word- that is a huge way to get people to attend. One lady who attended last year and also donated a lovely gift basket for the auction, bought 6 tickets which was awesome. We still have a long way to go, but we're making progress. I've also been following up with people who have promised auction items but haven't sent them in yet- there are quite a few that I have to connect with again.

There are some great photos on Boston.Com from the Date Auction. They were taken by photographer Bill Brett who is really well known for his photos. Here is the link- it is so exciting that he photographed our event:

The calendar is ready to be officially printed. Last week, the printer sent over the proof, but I didn't have a chance to really look at it carefully. Yesterday, the website that they sent file through (YouSendIt) wasn't loading properly, so I waited until today to really look at the files. The goal with this proof is to make sure that all the ads and photos are in their proper positions and the calendar is properly formatted. There was one ad that wasn't formatted properly- half the ad was missing. This would have been horrendous if it hadn't been caught. They fixed that and sent me a new proof for that month. I did one more look through the entire calendar and then gave the printer the go-ahead. I'm so excited to see the printed calendar. The little girl on the cover is so beautiful- you want to give her a hug through the photo! Her parents are coming to the event- I'm really looking forward to showing them the calendar.

Well, that's the latest- I'm really tired. I think I've forgotten about a lot of the things that I wanted to write about! Until tomorrow friends...

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