Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Track

Well, we are only 3 days until the big night. I can't believe it is almost here. All of this work and it is now in the home stretch. So how are things looking? We are looking good. I get nervous when I say that because I think that I'm going to jinx things, but we are in the right place. Ticket sales are exactly on track for where they need to be. Our program is headed to the printer- we did our last update today. I've been holding it in case of any other last minute bachelor/ette drop-outs. I finished our silent auction bid sheets, bought the table covers and I'm getting all the other small, but important things together. I use battery powered lamps at some of our silent auction, registration and vendor tables because Gypsy Bar's lighting is rather dim. Three of the lamps that I've had for a while weren't working anymore, so I went to Walmart today to pick up some new lamps. They're technically camping lamps, but they are perfect for what I need. I was checking out and the cashier asked me what Project Smile was. I told him and then I mentioned we were having a big fundraiser on Friday. He asked if it was a camping event- which would make sense given I was buying 3 camping lights. I laughed and told him it was in a club.

 We have 4 staffers coming on Friday from a staffing agency which has been a huge support for us. The company is paying for them to be there. It is great to have that help for the event. I keep walking through the event in my head- thinking of anything that can go wrong and making sure everything flows smoothly. Obviously, we've done this 5 times before, but you still need to keep mentally running through the event. I did a walk-thru yesterday at Gypsy Bar and everything is looking good. The Cabot Cheese arrived for the Date Auction today. Right now, we have about 24 blocks of cheese in the fridge just waiting to get cut up. If I get a cheese craving, I know where to turn (just kidding!).

Well, that's the latest. I'm back to work on Date Auction things. I've updated our volunteer duties and now I'm going to work on writing a list of duties for our staffers. It really helps everyone involved to have things written down. Until tomorrow friends..

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