Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Counting Down

2 Days to go friends- only 2 days to go! I am a mixture of really excited and really nervous. Excited because we have some fabulous auction items all ready to be bid on, our calendar looks terrific and things are looking good for the event. I'm nervous about event attendance. It is always a challenge and having a good attendance is a huge part of the success of any event. The good thing is that I've reached out to as many people as possible to invite them and asked for their help in bringing people. I've heard from a bunch that can't make it, which is disappointing, but I've also heard from a good amount that are coming. I sent a press release to the Milford Daily News today and they said they would get it into tomorrow's paper.

Yesterday, as we were plowing through our bid sheets, I suddenly felt so excited as I looked at all our auction items. I've worked really hard to get these items donated over the last 9 months and there have been a lot of great things that people have donated. I really appreciate everyone who has donated items and helped get others to donate.

I spent some time today working the first of two grants that I have to do. It is for a Foundation that has supported us for the past few years. Last year, I missed the grant deadline by a couple of days, but they graciously allowed us to still apply. I made sure to download the application early this year. The application has changed a little from last year, but it is fairly straight forward. I was struggling with it a little though. I think it was because I'm distracted with our event.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm going to go back into my office and do a couple of more event related things, then head to bed. You should see the office- it has such a funny collection of items stacked around the place- cases of beer, sports memorabilia, gift baskets, gift bags, boxes of bid sheets, tote bags, banners, display items, purses, American Girl Doll and more! I have so many bid sheets that I have used every single folder and paperclip in my office. This is going to be one heck of an auction!

Tomorrow, I have an appt. in Boston, then I'm picking up our delicious cake at Konditor Meister in Braintree, then dropping it off at the hotel. I also have to pick up our very last auction item in Bellingham. I think I'll zoom over there in the morning before heading to Boston. I'm going to keep working on last minute reach out to people. Well, that's the latest. Until tomorrow friends...

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