Monday, October 22, 2012

Event Success!

Well friends- we had a success! We raised $10,000 which was actually a bit more than last year if I remember correctly and had a great turnout. I was so happy that things went well and relieved. There was so much pressure, so much anxiety and it all worked out. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, who sponsored, volunteered and donated auction items. We had some great event volunteers who did an awesome job. I was so happy with their help. Dick Ferrucci, our host, did another fabulous job. Joe Kennedy, who is running for Congress, attended the event. He gave a nice speech about Project Smile and our efforts- it was very touching. He also bought one of the live auction items- a handmade birdhouse that my friend Brian makes. Our guest speaker, Richard Lodge, Metro West Daily News editor, did a really nice job as well. My friend Michael took photos. I posted them on our FB page today. Here is a nice one of Joe Kennedy and our board member Arthur and his wife- and me of course! The photo below that is with Miss Teen Mass, Joe Kennedy and Danielle and Caitlin who did a wonderful job helping at the event.
Saturday and today, I followed up with people who left bids on auction items but left before the event ended. I was able to reach most people and got payment for a bunch of items. I still have a few more items to get to people. There were a bunch of items that didn't sell, but that is OK. I can use most of them in our silent auction at Wine Fest next month.

It feels funny not to have to do any event work- I definitely don't miss it, but I haven't adjusted yet to not having to do any: event sponsorship search, auction item hunt, event marketing or my quest to get people to attend our events. What ever will I do with my time?? Just kidding! There is plenty of other things that need work. I also have to do two grants- one of which needs to get done this week. I like having this two month break before I need to start working on our next big events. It gives me time to forget about what a challenge event planning is. Next year will be really exciting since it will be our 10th Anniversary!

Well friends, that's all for tonight. I'm blogging super early tonight- it isn't event 9:30 yet! I'm off to watch more of the Giants/Cardinals game 7- my Yankees lost so I don't have much of a stake in the games anymore, but these games are still fun to watch. Until tomorrow friends...

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