Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Latest and Greatest

I hope everyone had a happy Columbus Day weekend. So what's the latest? Well, you may have seen the Boston Globe magazine on Sunday and you may have noticed a photo from the Project Smile Date Auction! We were in the Boston Uncommon section which features photos from events in Boston. I read that section every week and I've always hoped that one day we would be in there. Imagine my surprise as I stood at the kitchen table, sipping my tea, looking at the event photos.The funny thing is that although our photo was on the top, I saw my picture and caption last. I was so excited to see it in the magazine! That means the Date Auction has been in the Globe 3 times this year!

So what else is going on. Today we did another large donation to Boston PD. On Friday, we donated to Natick Police. The Lt. that I met there is a woman- it is always nice to meet women officers. We don't see very many of them. Here is a photo from Friday's donation.

I'm not sure why I keep wearing the same dress in so many of my donations this year. If you looked at my pictures all together from the year, you would think that either I did all these donations on the same day, I have no other clothes or I'm obsessed with that dress! The good news is that I did not wear the same dress for today's Boston donation.

We're getting closer to the Anniversary Celebration. Tomorrow, I'm going to be calling all the people that I've sent invitations to. I'm also going to keep working on reaching out to people and asking them to help by bringing friends to the event. I'll also send another email blast to our database. I picked up a load of awesome autographed sports memorabilia today along with Sam Adams beer. I've been following up with the last load of people that I still have to get auction items from. It has been hard to reach some people, but I'm confident that I'll be able to get the items from most people. There are always some people that promise items, but we never receive them. That is always frustrating. I'm not sure why people do that- it is much worse than just saying no. I spend a lot of time following up with people, particularly those who have promised to help, so when those people fall through it is a major waste of time. Thankfully, most people come through with their items, which is great.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I went to bed significantly earlier last night- OK, well actually it was 12:30, but that is significantly early for me. I felt a lot more energetic this morning and got a lot done before I zoomed off to Boston. I think I'm going to try that again tonight. I don't know how long I can keep that up- I usually get a burst of late night energy but then it takes me a long time to get going in the morning. Anyways, I'm going to have some more clementines- (another sign that summer is over- clementines are back!). Until tomorrow friends...

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