Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fingers Crossed

Well friends, I have my fingers crossed that I will be getting some positive grant news. We applied for a 5K grant from a local foundation a few months ago. We received a grant from them in 2008, but we were declined last year. We fit perfectly into what they fund, so I applied again this year and have been waiting to hear. The last time, they called with the great news, so I've been rather dreading getting a letter or email from them. This afternoon, I saw an email from the Foundation and my heart sunk. I opened the email and they said they were reviewing applications and requested our W-9 form- which is a request for our tax payer ID number. I emailed it over immediately and got a response that they received it. I'm not sure what, if anything, that means. If you weren't going to fund a grant, there is no reason to ask for our W9- also you wouldn't waste time asking for every grant applicant's W-9 form- particularly since the grants were due months ago. However, if you were going to fund the grant, wouldn't you just say that and then ask for the W-9? I don't want to get my hopes up and then find out we didn't get funded, so I'm really trying to not think about it. However, we really need this money. We're on the downside for fundraising- which is typical for this time of year, so this grant would put us back where we should be. Oh, the anxiety! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are deciding to fund us.

In other news- I did calendar photos at Hopedale FD today, that is always a fun one to do. Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Foxboro to photograph two boys who were in the calendar last year. Their mom is in the women's networking group with me. It will be nice to see how the kids have grown. I have another 1 1/2 months in the calendar confirmed for ads which is a relief. We're making progress folks! It feels like I'm moving at a slower pace than a turtle, but that is OK- as long as we keep making progress, that's all that I need.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to catch up on a few more emails. Send happy thoughts my way for some good grant news please! Until tomorrow friends..

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