Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Happenings

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. It finally feels like summer is in full swing. So what's the latest? Well, today I was in Wrentham doing calendar photos with two adorable boys. They were in the calendar last year. I know their mom from the women's networking group. They are a really nice family and the kids are a pleasure to be around. They had a bunch of their own stuffed animals to hold for their photos. I did pictures with the children next to a rose bush a flowering dogwood tree and they look beautiful. I wish we could print in color because the colors of the flowers are so rich and vibrant.

I did more photos last week with the children of one of our board members Kelly, and the other families that she recruited to participate. They came out really well too. I did photos of a little brother and sister and I think it could possibly be our cover photo. The children are so beautiful and the photo is really lovely. We're still in the beginning stages of photos, so it is too early to make that call, but this is definitely a strong contender for the cover. I always forget how much fun I have meeting the kids and taking photographs.

Last week, we did another donation of 250 stuffed animals to the State Police. Here is a photo from the donation.  The State Police always make an effort to do a nice photo. Most of the stuffed animals were also from the Build-a-Bear donation. I'm going to email it to the lady at Build-a-Bear this week.
In other news- Danielle Vollmar, the new on-air personality at News Channel 5, Boston will be hosting our fall fashion show at the Harborside Inn during Boston Fashion Week. She sounds very enthusiastic and I'm really happy that she is on board. We've always had great hosts for our show. Finale is also back to be a dessert vendor and we have two other dessert vendors that are interested in participating.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I've already loaded up on cantaloupe, red grapes and cottage cheese, so I think I'm doing eating for tonight (finally!). Until tomorrow friends...

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