Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome June!

Welcome to June friends- the start of summer and the lead-in to our big fall events. We are at the half way point of the year and I'm happy to say that we are in a good place on all fronts. Of course, there is always much more that needs to get done, but we are on track with our Date Auction and Anniversary Celebration. We're also in a good place with keeping up with our donations to the departments- it is virtually impossible to keep up with them all, but I do my best. We're donating again to Revere PD and a Boston shelter on Wednesday. I'm going to be using some of the new teddy bears from Build-a-Bear that were donated recently. I've almost run out of coloring books, so I need to make a trip to Family Dollar tomorrow to stock up.

I've been making some progress with the calendar, but need to make it a priority this week- particularly reaching out to departments to get participation from their officers and also other families that might like to participate. It always takes a little while to get the photo shoots scheduled. I get anxious about it and always feel that I'll never get anyone to participate, but that doesn't happen! I'm doing our first calendar photos on Wednesday at Douglas Fire. They are usually the first calendar photos that we do each year. I also need to keep moving with calendar ads so we can get that wrapped up soon. I get rather obsessed with getting things wrapped up well before they are due. I absolutely hate leaving things until the last minute. I don't like pressure and the earlier you get things done, the less pressure there is. Also, things have a tendency to come up that you didn't anticipate, so when you're ahead of your game it is easier to deal with unexpected issues.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. The blogger website doesn't seem to be working properly right now- it keeps popping up that I need to log-in again, so I'm going to sign off and catch up on some emails. Until tomorrow friends...

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