Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodbye August

Greetings friends- well, we are saying goodbye to August. I'm nervous to leave August because that means the Date Auction is now just a few weeks away and our fashion show and Anniversary Celebration are right on its tail. So what's new? Well, we've had some bouncing around with our Date Auction bachelors - we lost two, but then gained three, so we have a full house for participants. One of the bachelors that we gained is a pretty awesome guy- he's a fire fighter who was also a hero after the Boston Marathon bombings. I'm really happy that he signed up. It turns out he was also a participant in one of our first Date Auctions as well. I had read newspaper articles about him after the bombings, but I had forgotten that he had been involved in our event.

The partner of the DJ that usually does our fashion shows is donating his time to DJ at our Date Auction. The bachelors/ettes are going to be able to choose their own song to come out onstage to. I emailed all the participants this afternoon to ask them to choose me a song. I heard back from a few, but I think I'll be hearing from more soon. I know it would take me some time to choose a song to come onstage to!

In other news- what? There is other news besides the Date Auction? Well, calendar photos are officially done! I did photos yesterday with awesome twins who've been in the calendar a few times. Their mom is awesome- I first met her when she organized a stuffed animal/book drive for us a few years ago. She came here to drop the items off and she was so funny and lively- I liked her immediately.  She has 3 daughters. Her oldest daughter wasn't there yesterday, so it was just the 7 year old twins. The photos came out really well. The girls aren't identical, but they had identical t-shirts on. It's funny- I'm always in a rush to get the photos done, but when they're done, I miss working on them. I've loved taking pictures ever since I was a little kid and I really enjoy meeting the families and doing the calendar photos.

Well, I'm heading back to catch up on some work and eat some grapes. I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I will be keeping my fingers crossed and holding off the urge to obsessively check email for ticket sales updates! Until next time friends...

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