Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome February!

Greetings friends! Well, February is almost a week old, so I'm a little late in welcoming the new month. We're off to a good start so far- my birthday starts the month, so I do feel rather biased towards February! On Tuesday, we did another donation to Lowell Police- we have been donating there for many years. Here is a photo from the donation.
Today, I was working on getting sponsors for the Date Auction and more gift certificates donated. I'm constantly researching new donors/sponsors to reach out to. It is so important to keep looking for new partners. I was on Facebook and saw a sponsored post from a company that would be a perfect fit for Date Auction sponsorship. I went on their website and emailed them- it was a generic email address, so I wasn't sure if I'd hear back. Those emails don't always yield the best results, but I got an email back very quickly asking for more details about the event and sponsorship info. Hopefully, they will get on board for the event. It is an excellent marketing opportunity.

In fashion show news, we have more food vendors on board which is good. I want a couple more vendors, then we will be all set for that. I also need to get back to work on grants- I feel like I'm already behind on researching new grants and I need to check the deadlines for the grants that we usually apply for in the spring. Ah, so much to do!

Well, on that note- instead of going back to work, I'm gluing myself to Olympics coverage. I get rather obsessed with watching as much Olympics coverage as possible every 2 years. It is marvelous to watch the skills and strength of the athletes- so beautiful. It doesn't matter which sport it is- it is all amazing. Until next time friends...

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