Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chugging Along

So today was a pretty productive day- I had 22 items on my list today and actually made it through 20 of them. I didn't get to start our February newsletter yet and I also had a scheduling plan that I was intending to work on, but didn't get to it. It was a mostly phone calls, letter writing and email day. I was working on reaching out to more nursing homes to get our stuffed animals out the residents, contacting fire departments and working on getting items for our Anniversary Celebration on Oct. 3. Getting auction items is a lot easier than getting financial sponsors and people to the event- both are definitely challenging. It is actually quite fun sometimes calling up different places to get items and gift certificates donated. I particularly like it because you usually get a faster response than if you're looking for financial support. I talked to Plimoth Plantation and Sturbridge Village today- both of whom were interested in donating admission passes.

I'm looking to raise $2,000 by June 1 to help with our Elder Care program (donating the stuffed animals to elderly nursing home residents). Does anyone have an idea for a good fundraiser? I'd like to do either an event which is relatively simple to run and doesn't cost a lot or even a recommendation for a grant that we haven't applied for yet. Suggestions would be really helpful!

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