Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Great Day

What a great day today! We received a $5,000 grant from the TJX Charitable Foundation (they own TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods). So that was absolutely wonderful. I had missed the end of last year's grant deadline, so it was reviewed recently and the check arrived in today's mail. It is funny, because I usually always feel the envelopes before I open them, trying to see if it is bringing good news. This envelope felt pretty thin, so I was really unsure as I opened it-(while standing in the post office, which I usually don't do) I yelped when I saw the check, it was so exciting. It was such a relief as well. Yesterday was a pretty difficult day because I was really stressed about financial issues and was on the verge of feeling overwhelmed, but it all rebounded today. Some smaller donations arrived in the mail today as well, which was great.

I did a donation to the Manville fire department in Rhode Island. The dispatcher knew me because she worked in Hopedale as well. She called last week and said that they recently had a call which involved a child and one of the guys in the department had come back to the station and said that he wished they had stuffed animals to give to kids, so the dispatcher told him that she knew where to get them and called me up. I delivered them today. I hadn't even realized that this was our first donation to a RI fire department until the lieutenant told me! He had printed out the info from our website. It was funny that he was the one to tell me it was our first RI fire donation.

Now going to work on my list for tomorrow, then off to read for a little bit. I know some people have been visiting my blog, but I haven't received any comments yet. I'd love to have some, so please leave them!
Until next time...

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Miss Powers said...

I love that the name of the FD is Manville lol--what about Womantown?!