Thursday, February 7, 2008

Positive Response from Nursing Homes

I'm really happy about how receptive the nursing homes are for our Elder Care program- we are donating stuffed animal gifts for the elderly residents of nursing homes. We are doing a donation in Franklin tomorrow, I was supposed to do it today, but rescheduled it because of weather. We also have 3 more donations lined up for next week. I usually speak with the activities director, so far they have all been really excited about having stuffed animals for their residents.

Also did a donation to the Upton Fire department today, that is a small department, only about 10 minutes from Hopedale. This was our first donation there, although we've donated items to the police department for over 3 years. Did I mention that the Hopedale Police Association made a $500 donation last week? They have been incredibly supportive of Project Smile. There is something extra special about having such great support from our hometown police department.

I was also working on getting more auction items. I try to contact at least three new businesses each day, that way it doesn't become overwhelming as the event gets closer. Also, I think it is helpful to start earlier in the year because some businesses limit the number of donations they do.

I made some changes on our blog last night- it was quite fun, because I hadn't realized all the different option there were in the blog design. So I added some extra photos and moved different things around. I really like the new look. Let me know what you think!
Until tomorrow...

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