Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I started out a little unmotivated this morning- I had my daily list of work items and kept staring at it as if the items would suddenly become checked off all by their selves!But I started writing a thank you note to the owner of the company that made the $50 donation yesterday and that suddenly inspired me. It is funny how a little thing can set the day going in the right direction. It ended up being pretty productive. I had to spend quite a bit of a time on our Halloween event sponsorship proposal for a large bank- they asked for a lot more details than most of the other businesses usually do. Hopefully, it will be worth it and they will become a new sponsor.

I also talked to two musicians who are interested in performing at the April 24 event which one of our supporters is organizing. I had spoken with another one yesterday. They all have Berklee connections. I absolutely love speaking with musicians- I am always impressed by anyone in the performing arts. To have the dedication and courage to follow your passion is absolutely wonderful. It is difficult to select a particular musician, right now the biggest factor will be cost. Our budget is small and this is a fundraising event, so I need to keep the costs to a minimum.

There is actually lots more other stuff to talk about- mostly little things, but the day is ending and I'm getting very tired. So until next time...

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