Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's News

Hello! My desk is a mess! For anyone who has ever been to my office, that is probably not a surprise, but tomorrow it definitely needs cleaning. There's a snowstorm coming tomorrow, so office cleaning will probably actually be quite a good task. I did a stuffed animal donation this morning to a nursing home in Milford, this one I actually liked. I didn't actually get to see beyond the entrance area, but it did strike me how bright and pleasant looking the place was and seemed to have a nice atmosphere- quite a change from some of the other places I've been to lately.

I was also working on more donations for our silent auction- I contacted 4 businesses today. I also have a few letters that I need to send out tomorrow for auction items. There is also quite a bit of work that needs done for the date auction- working out the final details on the contract (that is actually relatively easy), finding hosts and obtaining sponsors. Amy, our awesome volunteer, is working on getting gift certificate donations for the "couples" to use on their dates and also for our silent auction.

I think I should write my blog earlier in the day- I'm feeling so tired and forgetting a lot of stuff that I wanted to write about. I actually am a night person too, so this really shouldn't be happening!
Ah well, I'll write tomorrow as the snow falls...

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