Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Date Auction Success

So we have a date auction success story from last year! I had emailed last year's participants to invite them to participate again and I got an email tonight from a woman that we auctioned off- she actually was the winning bidder for a date with a guy who was being auctioned off. She wanted to let me know that they were still together, she sent me a photo (such a cute couple!) and said it was the best donation she ever made to charity. So now I can promote that we actually have had a successful relationship from our event! I wish I knew if there were other serious relationships that came out of it.

What else is new today? I don't remember! There wasn't actually a lot of news today- I did reach out to new potential sponsors for the Anniversary event- I got one commitment and commitments for two new auction items, which was good news. Our auction list is awesome. I was disappointed because one of last year's platinum sponsors is only able to do half the amount this year. Obviously I'm glad that they are still on board to do something, but I wish it could have been the same as last year. I'm still working on following up with calendar participants- scheduling the photo shoots is always the hardest part. It really doesn't seem like it should be so complicated. The calendar sponsorship is going very slowly- I really need help with getting the last two ads sold. We still have the back cover available and one month. We potentially have two other months available because I'm still waiting to hear back from two other businesses. If anyone knows a business or individual who would like to help sponsor the calendar through advertising, please let me know. These ads need sold and we only have a little over a month left.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'm tired and trying to go to bed a bit earlier. I'm probably forgetting some things that I wanted to write about. Anyways. off to write my list. Good night friends...

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