Monday, June 23, 2008


Happy Monday! So what's new? Well, last night I worked until 4:30am and it was terrific. I got a ton of things accomplished and was so happy. Of course, I was feeling it this morning, but it was definitely worth it. I am completely a night owl. I was out for a bit last night- got home at midnight and wanted to get some things organized for tonight's Board Meeting, I didn't intend to work for so long, but once I got started one thing led to another and before I knew it, it was 4:30. I wish I could work that late more often. One thing I love about working at night is that I feel no pressure- I don't have to go anywhere, no phone calls to make, no distractions- I can work on emails, letters, grants, internet research, without feeling like there are other things that I should be doing. I would like to do it again tonight, because there were a lot of things that I didn't get to, but I do need to be up relatively early tomorrow for a photo shoot and if I don't get enough sleep, I start to feel like a zombie. Maybe I can start alternating nights- work really late one night, go to bed earlier the next time- I wonder if that would work. I think I might try it. This may seem like a silly topic to write about, but it is important to come up with a good work schedule that makes me the most productive. I am lucky that I do have the power to set my own hours for the most part. I do try to stick to traditional work hours, simply because I feel like that's the schedule most people are on, but I do know that those hours really aren't the best for me.

Our board meeting went well tonight. We welcomed a new member, Jennifer, to our board. I think she is going to do a great job and I'm happy that she decided to join. I have a lot of things to follow up on that we talked about.

I have a busy day tomorrow- Woonsocket photos in the morning, Somerville Police donation at 2pm, Burlington photos at 3:30 and I have two auction items to pick up locally as well and a lot of phone calls to make. I'm getting pretty tired, so I should write my list and go to bed. It won't be another late night tonight- although there is a lot to do, especially since I'll be on the road tomorrow.
Anyways, I hope this wasn't a boring post. Until tomorrow friends..

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