Monday, June 16, 2008

A New Week

Welcome to Monday! I did a lousy job blogging last week- I don't even remember why. I was out a lot at night last week and by the time I got home, I was pretty tired. I feel like I've been on a bit of a roller coaster recently- both personally and work wise. Of course, I try to keep any personal issues from affecting work, but it isn't always easy. Today was a bit of a low day with some personal news I received.

Things have been a little slow with work lately- not slow in terms of me not having enough things to do- that is definitely not the case, but slow in terms of reaching people (potential sponors, police/fire departments for donations, etc) as well as slow in setting up some of the photo shoots for the calendar. However, the date auction is shaping up well. I was at the police academy on Friday and signed up nine very eligibile singles and did photos of the recruits for the calendar- they were even holding stuffed animals in the photos! I also did photos at another Boston area department and got to ride on the police boat again which was of course, an awesome time! I haven't seen the photos yet, the photo store is having trouble with their printer. Hopefully, they will be ready tomorrow. I'm always anxious to see the photos.

I'm having difficulty in finding new sponsors for the Anniversary Celebration. I was doing pretty well, but some to have reached a road block in terms of locating new potential donors. My goal this week is to find 5 new financial sponsors. I also need some more recommendations for auction items, because I'm starting to run out of places to contact.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'm off to eat blueberry ice cream (it used to be my favorite ice cream as a kid, orange sherbert is my favorite now), but I decided to buy some when I was in Market Basket today. And I have to write my list for tomorrow. I was a little off my game today in terms of phone calls, so I focused on doing more simple things today instead (catching up on emails, letters and thank you cards that needed to be sent), so tomorrow I have a lot of phone calls to make. So until tomorrow friends...

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