Monday, June 9, 2008

Ups and Downs

Today was an interesting day- filled with some good things and some disappointing news. On the lousy side was that we received notice that we will not be receiving the $25,000 grant we applied for. I saw the envelope when I flipped through the mail at the post office and I knew it was bad news before I opened it. With grants of that size, they call first with good news. That grant would have been so helpful and would let us grow the way we need to. The bank only chooses one recipient and I don't know who they chose, I'm sure they are deserving. It still is disappointing though, because we were an absolutely perfect fit for that grant and it would have made a huge difference.

So on the other side- the date auction issue is finally resolved, so that in itself was an accomplishment. We also received that restaurant gift card that I've been after for about two months- I think they might have done it because I nagged (very nicely) so much! We also received a $100 check from a local insurance company as a sponsor for the Anniversary event- they helped sponsor last year, so it was good to have them on board again.

I had a great time today doing the photos of the Paw Sox players (minor league team for the Red Sox). That is one of my favorite photo shoots- who wouldn't have fun spending time with a bunch of pro baseball players?? I think I got a lot of good photos- I haven't seen them yet. I also took some photos of the opposing team- Buffalo- they are the minor league team for the Cleveland Indians. I must say, they are one of the best looking teams I have ever seen!

There was a funny thing that happened today- a few weeks ago, I spoke with the manager at a local steakhouse (it is a chain restaurant) in regards to a gift card donation. The manager was really nice and told me to come in today and he'd have a gift card waiting for me (why can't it always be that simple?). So, I was working from my excel list and wrote his contact info under the wrong restaurant (another local steakhouse chain). So last week, I called the other restaurant and ended up speaking with the same manager. He was still really nice and told me he'd already spoken with me. Of course I was somewhat embarrassed, but it was OK. I corrected the excel info, tried calling the correct restaurant without any success and that was the end of that mistake- or so I thought. So today, I was in a rush to get out the door, I printed out my letter, went to do Paw Sox photos and stopped at the local restaurant on the way home. I went in and asked for Jason. A manager came over- a very pleasant guy- shook hands with me and said there was no Jason working here. I started talking about Project Smile and the gift card and how I'd spoken with Jason, when all of a sudden, I realized I was in the wrong restaurant! I was a little mortified. I apologized to the manager, explained that I'd gotten the restaurants mixed up and told that we did still need a gift card to his restaurant. He asked me what they donated last year. I told him- $25 gift certificate. He went in the back and came out a few minutes later with two $25 gift certificates! So that was one of the rare times that confusion actually paid off! I was really impressed with how helpful that manager was. I hope that pleasant and helpful people know how much they brighten the world- it really is great.

Anyways, so that's most of the highlights for today- there were other things going on of course, but I'm tired and can't remember too much. Now off to eat another peach (love them), write my list (I've been slipping with my list writing a bit), then bed, trying to get there earlier, but it hasn't been happening. So until next time friends..

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