Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Lights and Work

Greetings! So what's the latest and greatest today? Not much actually- I was working on calendar sales without having anything to show for it, I was also working on annual donation request letters that needed sent out- I didn't get to contact new police/fire departments, so that's the first item on tomorrow's list. I did schedule our next DSS donation for next week- this will be for the items for holiday gifts for kids who are in state care. We'll be donating stuffed animals, books and crayons and some small toys to the Worcester office- if there are any items left over, they'll be sent to Fitchburg or Leominster.

I ended work a little early today because I really wanted to hang Christmas lights outside. I was following that motto- there is no day like today, no time like the present- that probably wasn't written to skip off work, but I was working earlier tonight and I worked late last night- so it all balances out. It felt great to be outside decorating- it makes me so happy to look at the lights. It's not an elaborate decoration at all, it's not even that big, but it is the largest light display that I've ever done. My sister- full of that support that only siblings can give- informed me that it looked like a crazy person did it. Of course, I disagree with that observation. It took 2 hours and two trips to Ace hardware to get it done.

My trip to Worcester to pick up that infamous auction gift certificate was rescheduled today- the amount of effort that is going into getting this gift certificate is becoming pretty funny. Tomorrow, I need to track down the missing date auction sponsorship check- the same check that was supposed to have been mailed weeks ago. I'm also waiting on checks from Halloween sponsorship and I need to follow up with the calendars that people have so I can get the money for that. The more time that goes by the less likely it is that the money will come in. However, I never give up on money owed- I can't afford to write anything off. I'm also feeling like I'm not getting a firm grasp of where our Valentines event is going and I don't like that feeling. I was trying to explain the event to someone today and I couldn't explain it clearly- if I can't manage that simple a task, something is wrong. The event is still in early planning stages, so fluidity is expected, but the problem is that we are 2 months and 2 weeks from the event date and fluidity this close is not good. So I'm going to call her tomorrow and see if we can schedule a meeting together next week.

Well, it is midnite and I should go to bed- I know I say this every day- isn't it boring? I went to bed really late again last night and it was hard to get up this morning. Tomorrow, I'm heading out late afternoon and meeting with Carolee, then going to the Foundation awards dinner, so I need to be bright eyed and awake tomorrow morning so I can get things done. I totally don't want to go to bed- I want to go and sort my office, pay our bills, respond to a bunch of emails- all that stuff which is good to do late at night, but I'm trying to stay on a regular work day schedule and fight the night owl insincts.

Anyways, I think that's it for tonight. I'm probably forgetting a bunch of things that I wanted to write about and I still haven't talked about my trapeze adventure- but I guess that will have to wait until next time. Wish me luck in calendar sales tomorrow please! I need some serious help with moving these calendars. Until next time friends..

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