Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Day

I love soup! Vegetable soup to be exact- I just finished my 4th bowl a second ago. I made some as part of New Food Monday today- it was my own recipe. I had found a great recipe for Italian vegetable soup last week, but I couldn't remember where I found it and I couldn't find a recipe that really struck me today, so I decided to create my own and I really like the result. Anyways, enough on that fascinating topic. I really do have more to write about than vegetable soup. Today was a pretty good day. I spoke with the rep from a sports memorabilia company that I've worked with, he said his company had some items that they want to donate for our upcoming silent auctions. He asked me to send him some info that he can forward to the owner. It would be really helpful to start having items donated for next year's events. It is especially great when people call up offering items!

I also spoke with a fellow who produces comedy shows. He'd like to work with us on a comedy show in the spring. Comedy shows can be great fundraisers and I would really like to host one. Obviously, we need to work out the details, but it is a start.I didn't get to do much 2009 planning today, but I really need to work on planning this week. I really want things to get firmed up with the Valentines event- I am very anxious about it. I approved the contract with the venue last week, so now we have real money on the line. The cost was decreased and considering the quality of the venue and the amount of food being donated- the cost was relatively reasonable. Even though it is a reasonable cost, it is still significant money. I approved the cost because it is a great venue- it has serious name recognition and the fact that we are holding it there really adds a lot to the event. Also, considering that we have only about 6 weeks until the event, we can't spend more time trying to find other locations. We now need to line up the entertainment. I don't doubt that this event can be successful, but I hate being in the position of having so much to with so little time.

I have so many ideas running through my head for next year- events that we can do, networking and public speaking ideas and more- I really need to sit down and focus the ideas. We can't do everything and they probably all aren't feasible ideas. I want to go and work on some planning now, but it is 12:15 and I'm working hard on the bed earlier routine and my eyes are hurting. The new glasses have helped with that, but I think I'm wearing the wrong pair right now- yikes, I sound like a grandma! Well, that's it for tonight- I'm going to go and search for my list book which seems to have disappeared. Until tomorrow friends...

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