Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good News

Greetings! What's new? Good news came in today- we received a $3,000 grant from the Brown Charitable Foundation. They have funded us for the past three years now. Ongoing funding like that is so important for us because it is our bedrock. We need to come up with new sources of funding constantly, but in order to keep building every year, we also need the support of organizations who will continue to fund us.

I was in Worcester today doing our donation to the Dept. of Children & Families. We donated coloring books, books, 80 large packs of crayons and small toys. These items will be given in Christmas stockings for children in foster care and group homes. I'm really glad that we arw working with DCF, they have such an immense task to accomplish and don't have enough resources.

I started working on Christmas cards late this afternoon. I bought some pretty ones at Home Goods the other day. I try to send them to as many donors and supporters as possible- it is hard because it does get expensive, but I think it is important to send a card. It takes a while, but I personalize each card with a brief message. I hate getting those impersonal machine generated holiday cards- they really don't mean anything. Even when we become a much larger organization, I still want to send out hand written cards.

I can't remember what else is new- there is a lot more going on, but my little mind is blanking. I was at the DWC Providence networking event tonight- I like that group a lot. Tomorrow, I'm planning on going to the Worcester chapter's meeting tomorrow night for the first time. I also need to buy some coloring books tomorrow. We are down to our last 10 coloring books. I really need to find a good source for ongoing coloring books- either donated or wholesale if we have to. I buy them at Family Dollar which gives a good price, but their supply is unreliable and I think we can find a better price/source.

Well, it is 11pm. I'm going to go and cardio blast- I haven't exercised in a few days and I'm really feeling it. I feel like my schedule has been slipping a little lately and I'm not getting things done the way they should be- I'm not managing my time well enough. I'm tired now. There is so much that I wanted to do when I got home tonight- emails, more cards, read my John Irving book, clean up office, blog, exercise. I got home a little before 10pm and the only thing I've done is blog. I feel like sleeping, not exercising. But, I don't like how I feel- wouldn't it be wonderful to build muscle, trim hips and exercise the heart all while sleeping? Fantastic! Anyways friends, off I go- I'm looking at my dumbbells right now- they are calling my name- loudly.

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