Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick Post

This is going to be a quick post- I have to be in Quincy in the morning and I have to finish getting things ready. I'm speaking with police academy recruits in the morning to promote their use of stuffed animals and other items when they interact with children. It is important to reach the new generation of police officers, so that they know what is available to them and the difference it can make to have comfort items for children. Then, I'll be doing at donation to Fallon Ambulance and in the afternoon, I'll be at the roll call selling calendars. Quincy officers have always been very supportive, so I enjoy going up there- really hoping the support will continue.

What else is new? I was working on fundraising and calendar sales today. I sold 25 calendars which was good, but I have so many more to sell it is dreadful. The Foundation dinner went well- it is a wonderful organization. I don't know yet the amount of the grant- won't know that until we get the check next month.

I was at the bank today- depositing some PS checks- when I met an old man who reminded me so much of my grandfather. I was next to him in line (something that doesn't happen very often at Ben Franklin) and he turned to me and said he was just waiting for the Hawaii quarters and he didn't think the bank would even have them. He collected the quarters from each state and Hawaii was the last one in his collection. He was collecting coins not only for himself but for his granddaughters too. We ended up walking out together and I told him how I collected magnets. He didn't really look like Jimmy, but he was so happy and energetic and seemed so kind- that reminded me of Jimmy. I wanted to hug the old man and tell him how much he reminded me of my grandpa, but I didn't do anything. I felt so teary when I got in the car, seeing him reminded me of how much I miss Jimmy- just as much as when he died 14 years ago. I know they say that time heals, but it doesn't heal everything. Here is a photo of mini me and Jimmy and my grandma-

Anyways, I know writing about Jimmy doesn't have anything to do with Project Smile, but it was on my mind today and this blog is about what goes on during the day. Well, I need to go exercise, shower and get ready for tomorrow. I also have a couple of letters that I wanted to finish up, but I probably won't get to that. There is other stuff that I wanted to write about too, but I can't remember. Wish me many calendar sales at Quincy please! Until tomorrow friends..

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